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Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 16, 2024 - Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States have already been defeated

Why did Tony Fauci say under oath he barely knew top coronavirus scientist Ralph Baric - when in fact Fauci hosted a daylong 2013 meeting where Baric laid out his plans for risky research?

Bank of America accused of religious and political 'discrimination' by 'de-banking' or refusing to service Trump supporters, Christian churches and Republican-led states want answers

US won’t fight for Ukraine – White House

House overwhelmingly approves Iran sanctions bills after attack on Israel

Zelensky backs Israel

Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 15, 2024 - Middle East spiraling into larger war while END TIMES accelerationists cheer

Avoid toxic contaminants like microplastics in salt by switching to Pink Himalayan Salt

Spirulina Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Mortality: Study

Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 14, 2023 - EMERGENCY ALERT: Iran strikes Israel as region plunges into escalation cycle that could end in NUCLEAR WAR

Germany Electric Car Sales Plummet 30% As Country Floats Idea Of Weekend Driving Ban!

‘Russia turned off the gas’ – German leader

DC National Guard whistleblowers to say they WERE ready to be deployed on January 6 on Trump's orders hours but were held back by the Pentagon in bombshell testimony contradicting Capitol riot committee's story

Top WHO Official Testifies: Vaccine Passports Were a Scam to Push Fake Covid Shots

Ukraine runs out of air defense missiles giving Russia a ‘free pass’ to Kyiv, warns Bild security analyst

BREAKING: CIA Officer CONFIRMS CIA “Advisors” in Ukraine “A Well-Known Secret” “Under State Department Cover”

Over 13,000 missing in unmarked graves across Gaza

US set for another dot-com-style crash, fund manager warns

GATES OF HELL Terrifying simulation reveals how apocalyptic Iran vs Israel war would quickly go nuclear & spiral into WW3

Brighteon Broadcast News, April 11, 2024 – END Israel’s illegal occupation and restore FREEDOM to the Palestinian people

How Iran attacks exposed Israel's weakness

‘Terrifying’: FISA Bill Set to Include ‘Vast’ New Surveillance Powers Forcing Businesses to ‘Become NSA Spies’

Russia's arms pact with Iran: Moscow pledges fighter jets and air defenses to Tehran including advanced missiles capable of shooting down US and Israeli stealth planes

Express Premium Banner Vladimir Putin sparks WW3 fears with new missile that can 'avoid NATO detection'

EXCLUSIVE: UK Physiotherapist Leaders Announce Goal To “Eradicate” Critics Of Gender Ideology From The Profession

John Hagee Cheers Israel-Iran Battle as 'Gog and Magog War,' Will Lobby Congress Not to Deescalate

Over 350 humanitarian sites and aid convoys hit in Gaza since 7 October

Fully vaccinated about to see “tsunami” of illness and death, warns virologist

Decentralize TV – Revolutionary author Cory Endrulat on ending tyranny and the modern slavery of all human beings

Watch it if you have the courage to question the Israeli government and the IDF.

US bans Russian metals

More than 30m Americans could face drinking water crisis as officials find major flaws in US dam

Georgia’s election board now admits to violations of election law in 2020.

Congress Introduces ADL-Backed 'Countering Antisemitism Act' to Police Online Speech

Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 12, 2024 – CLOWN WORLD on parade as US Navy publishes idiotic rifle photo and Denver defunds police to PAY MIGRANTS

EXCLUSIVE: Survivor of China's Cultural Revolution says young people were indoctrinated into 'activism' for communism—and it could happen in the US

Denver Plans To Defund Its Police Force To Pay For Illegal Immigrants

Holy Land pastor tells Tucker Carlson that Israel’s occupation must end, calls US policy ‘horrifying’


US drones faring poorly in Ukraine conflict – WSJ

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