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Israel-Palestine war: Most US-based Middle East scholars self-censoring speech critical of Israel, survey finds

Hunter Biden Indicted On Multiple Felony Tax Charges Including 'Office Expense' Deductions For 'Over-The-Hill Strippers'

"Love This": Ben Shapiro Celebrates Palantir Announcing Affirmative Action Hiring Quota For Jews

Watch Alex Jones Explain the Globalist Depopulation Agenda To Tucker Carlson

Hungary: EU’s Covid-19 vaccine purchases reek of corruption

Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 7, 2023 - Human forces will be forced to DETONATE an EMP WEAPON to stop the AI robot apocalypse

BREAKING: Over 12,000 Illegal Aliens Invade US in One Day – Highest Ever Recorded

Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications

IMF boss says governments need to impose global carbon tax on citizens to punish them for using energy

Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 6, 2023 - Something BIG is about to go down... multiple confirming signals point to cyber takedown of financial system

Greens commence deforestation of Germany’s enchanted forest to make way for wind turbines

US aid to Ukraine laundered back to military-industrial complex – congressman

Navy Whistleblower: Huge Increase of Heart Problems in Active Duty Pilots

US Space Force Major urges Defense Department to adopt Bitcoin as an ‘offset strategy’

Jerusalem Post, Ben Shapiro Push 'Crisis Actor' Conspiracy Theory Claiming Dead Palestinian Baby is a 'Doll'

Moderna Hires FBI Agent To Secretly Control Vaccine Debate

Stock up on battery devices in case of grid meltdown, Britons told

Don’t Let Government Get Away With Poisoning Americans

NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower Could Face up to 7 Years in Prison.

Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 5, 2023 - Climate cult DELUSIONS are CRUMBLING as world rejects dire consequences of energy strangulation

DEATH SENTENCE: 1 Million COVID Vaccinated have died in England compared to just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years; despite 30% of the Population refusing a single dose of the COVID Injection

Kevin McKernan loses entire database of research after NZ health service obtains an injunction to prevent sharing of leaked Covid vax health data

Warning: If you’re hosting NZ “whistleblower data” on your server, you’re at risk of losing EVERYTHING…

Nanoplastics Linked To Parkinson’s And Dementia

Dollar collapse could happen SUDDENLY, with no warning... are you prepared?

House Passes Bill That States ‘Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism’

Israeli AI ‘Assassination Factory’ Plays Central Role in the Gaza War

Brazil to Mandate COVID Shots for Children as Young as 6 Months

Adams tests Goldbacks with THREE science experiments to confirm gold mass recovery and purity

TikTok Outlines Funding To Curb Climate “Misinformation”

Microsoft’s Past Agreements with Chinese State Media Outlets Spark Propaganda Concerns

Relative of Israeli captives confirms ‘3 hostages killed by Israeli fire,’ blasts military

Black Lives Matter rioters who set an Atlanta Wendy's on fire back in summer of 2020 NOT sentenced to jail

Netanyahu Accuses The Entire World of Anti-Semitism

The Decades-Long Effort To Reduce The World’s Population Through United Nations Agencies

Dem witness who cannot define what a woman is says women should 'learn to lose gracefully' against trans athletes

White House Sanctions Israeli Settlers For 1st Time Since Clinton Administration

FBI Arrests Conservative Actor for Taking Part in Jan. 6 Protests

WARNING!!! MEGA and Wasabi can screw you if, in their sole opinion, they think you MIGHT have violated their AUP

SHOT DEAD movie interview! Brian Festa and Teryn Gregson from We The Patriots USA

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November 21, 2023

Imagine Being This Desperate

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November 17, 2023

Osama Bin TikTok

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